CoEB facilitated Introduction to Distance Sampling Training Workshop from 16-17 May 2018

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The UR Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management (CoEB) facilitated a two day training workshop entitled ‘Introduction to Distance Sampling’ from 16-17 May 2018.  Workshop participants included people from the different Nodes of the CoEB to enhance their capacity in distance sampling, a critical analytic tool for the analysis of wildlife or plant distribution and abundance data used for management and policy development.  Approximately 30 Research Associates and Research Affiliates from the University of Rwanda and the CoEB Nodes focused on learning about distance sampling theory and methods and how they can be used for management and conservation of wildlife and plant populations.

Opening remarks by Prof Beth A. Kaplin Ag Dir of CoEB             Photo: CoEB

The workshop instructor, Prof. Kenneth Wilson, a wildlife biologist from Colorado State University, USA, donated his time to prepare and serve as the trainer of the workshop. Prof. Beth Kaplin, Acting Director of CoEB, officially opened the workshop and thanked participants for having honored the invitation and was very pleased that the participants were from many different Nodes and Partners of the CoEB. She particularly thanked Dr. Tanya Shenk, a Peace Corps Response volunteer who works with CoEB as she worked to have the workshop conducted through the CoEB.

The workshop instructor, Prof. Kenneth Wilson from Colorado State University, helping workshop participants.   Photo: CoEB

The workshop was taught at an introductory level and was focused on presenting distance sampling methods.  Workshop participants were trained in the fundamentals of distance sampling, including line and transect methods, for estimating density or abundance of biological populations in Rwanda for use in management and conservation efforts.  Participants were also trained on how to use the Distance software.  Throughout the workshop there was much discussion on both theory and practice when the trainer was asked questions and he provided clarifications.

The CoEB is most appreciative of the financial support provided by The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).  CoEB is extremely grateful to Prof. Kenneth Wilson for his willingness to teach the workshop, and the donation of his time to do so.

The workshop brought together people from many CoEB Nodes and Partners.    Photo: CoEB

Introduction to Distance Sampling Training Workshop’ participants with Prof. Kenneth Wilson, the instructor, and

Prof. Beth Kaplin, the CoEB Director.   Photo: CoEB

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