Yvette Umurungi

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Yvette Umurungi is currently staff and Research Affiliate at the Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management (CoEB) at the University of Rwanda. She is managing the project ‘Integrating Freshwater Biodiversity Information to Guide Informed Decision-making in Rwanda’ for CoEB (https://biss.pensoft.net/articles.php?id=26367). Yvette helps to coordinate research and pieces of training at the CoEB through program development, proposal writing and implementation of projects. Yvette’s speciality is biodiversity informatics, where she summarizes information on the biodiversity of Rwanda and identifies gaps and outliers in the data for further investigation. Additionally, she has experience in the use of drones to assess biodiversity in remote areas and has training in Environmental Impact Assessment in Rwanda. She is eagerly looking forward to getting opportunities to improve her professional career and contribute more to the science. Yvette earned a BSc in Biology in the Zoology and Conservation program from the National University of Rwanda and an MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resources Management from the University of Rwanda. She lives in Rwanda.

Yvette is a key staff member at CoEB whose duties include the coordination of the Bioinformatics program, proposal writing and project planning and implementation. Yvette is also involved with most all other activities of the center such as organizing and attending workshops and conferences.

Outside of the work, Yvette loves spending time in playing sports, listening to music, doing adventure, having fun with family & friends and also in  Moral & Spiritual activities like attending church services.

Quote: There is a hope of brighter future in sustainable development, biodiversity conservation as well as the protection of environment and implication of technology being among tools. 

Research Affiliate
MSc Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resources Management