Conservation biology book donations from around the world

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The Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management (CoEB) at University of Rwanda received a number of book donations over the last several months from various visitors and partners that will greatly enhance our reference library for biodiversity conservation.  

Birds in Rwanda, An Atlas and Handbook by J. P. Vande weghe and G. R. Vande weghe and is a good reference for anybody with an interest in Rwanda’s birds.  It contains detailed modern and historical species distribution details and maps for all 701 species recorded for Rwanda.  It also features an overview of the country’s natural history and detailed descriptions and checklists for several key birding sites.  This book was donated by Peter Wallet of UNESCO Kigali office.

Birds in Rwanda: An Atlas and Handbook by J. P. Vande weghe and G. R. Vande weghe.

Animal movement: statistical models for telemetry data written by M. B. Hooten, D. S. Johnson, B. T. McClintock and J. M. Morales was donated by Dr Juan M. Morales, one of the co-authors, from the Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health & Comparative Medicine at the University of Glasgow.  Dr Morales participated in a workshop funded by Glasgow University and organized and hosted by CoEB in March 2018.  The book outlines a fundamental type of statistical model utilized in the contemporary analysis of telemetry data for animal movement inference.  It provides important background and technical details for each class of model used for these analyses.

Book donated by Dr Juan M. Morales, University of Glasgow,

one of the co-authors.

CoEB also received a suitcase full of textbooks donated by Dr Michael Renner from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.  Dr. Renner visited Rwanda in January 2018 with a group of BSc students from Drake University on a study tour of the country and stopped at the CoEB office for a group discussion between the Drake University students and UR BSc students in conservation biology programs from the Department of Biology and the Department of Agriculture.  Among the books donated by Drake University was Biological Science (Third Edition) by Scott Freeman and Science, Evolution and Creationism by the United States N Academy of Sciences.

Some of the books donated by Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa.

The CoEB is very appreciative of these generous donations.  The books will be well used by our staff, research associates, research assistants, students, interns, partners and visitors.  We invite you to stop by our office in Huye and enjoy some good reading.

Some of the CoEB staffs using the donated books        Photo: CoEB