Alphonse Ngiruwonsanga

Professional Intern

Alphonse Ngiruwonsanga has graduated in conservation Biology in zoology and conservation; he did his BSc dissertation on thermoregulatory behaviours on mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei) in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. He is currently conducting a professional internship in Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management (CoEB) in University of Rwanda. He is focused but not limited to biodiversity education and awareness raising but also he is involved in project proposal writing and prepares workshop and training. He is committed and interested to communicate with and deliver presentations to many primary and secondary schools as well as local communities throughout Rwanda.
He provides support and training, information and leads discussions on the benefits of biodiversity conservation and natural resources management for the Environmental Clubs that are established and led by students at each of the schools. He is committed to promoting an understanding of the past, a sense of the present and a positive vision for the future, developing a sense of commitment in the learner to help create a healthier environment and a sustainable home, community and planet and to build Rwandan citizens’ capacity towards healthy measures for utilizing the country’s resources to lead productive livelihoods and improve quality of life.

His duties at CoEB include education and awareness raising outreach activities in primary and secondary schools and local communities, grant proposal writing, develop the annual work plan and monthly action plan, work with both district environment and REMA environmental education officers.

Outside the work, Alphonse enjoys watching movies (romantic), relax by travelling with his family, friends and relatives discovering nature.

Quote: "When someone leaves, it's because someone else is about to arrive" Paul Coelho