On January 5th 2018, the University of Rwanda signed a Collaborative Agreement with the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) to support postgraduate students conducting research for their masters’ theses.After affixing signatures to this agreement, the Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management (CoEB), College of Science and Technology took a lead to coordinate all related activities.  Since then, students and supervisors have been benefiting from this... Read more


With the aim of improving conservation efforts in Rwanda, and expanding knowledge and building capacity of students by means of research, the National Herbarium of Rwanda (NHR) has been established.

An herbarium is a physical location where collections of specimens, database, and digital imagines are located. Herbaria provide a baseline inventory of plants that can be referred to for various research and conservation purpose.... Read more

On June 22, 2017 The first World Rainforest Day was launched as a collaborative effort to raise awareness and encourage action to protect the world’s rainforests. Rainforests are vital for the survival of life on Earth. We depend on them for 20% of the oxygen we breathe and the freshwater we drink. They absorb our carbon dioxide, stabilize climate patterns, and are home to half the world’s plant and animal species. In Rwanda, we have for instance, the Nyungwe National Park, which is also the... Read more

A collaborative agreement was signed between Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) and the University of Rwanda (UR) to provide financial support to postgraduate students to carry out research for their theses. Under the project titled “Research project to improve management knowledge of Gishwati-Mukura Forest”, students were asked to submit proposals in line with objectives of the Landscape Approach to Forest Restoration and Conservation (LAFREC) project at REMA to evaluate the... Read more