Venuste Nsengimana, PhD

Deputy Director of the CoEB

Nsengimana Venuste has a PhD in Agronomy and Biological Engineering from the University of Liège – Gembloux Agro Bio Tech. In addition to the Bachelor’s degree in Biology – Education awarded by the former National University of Rwanda Dr. Nsengimana Venuste has a Master’s degree in Biodiversity Conservation, and a Postgraduate certificate in teaching and Learning in Higher Education awarded by the University of Rwanda. He serves the University of Rwanda as a Lecturer of Biology and the Associate Researcher in the African Centre of Excellence for Innovative Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Science (ACEITLMS) based in the University of Rwanda, College of Education. He also serves as the Deputy Director of the Centre of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management (CoEB) based in the University of Rwanda, College of Science and Technology. Further, Dr Nsengimana Venuste is and affiliate to Rhodes University, ARUA Center of Excellence (ARUA CoE) in Water. The area of research of Dr. Nsengimana Venuste is Biodiversity Conservation, and Biology – Education. Results of his research were published in international recognized journals with good publishers including the Oxford Academic Publishers and Tailor and Francis.