Masters, PhD and Post doc scholarships,The Regional Centre of Excellence in Biomedical Engineering and E-Health

The Regional Centre of Excellence in Biomedical Engineering and e-Health (CEBE) is conceived as an institution that will provide the administrative leadership, intellectual capacity, and the resource infrastructure required to accelerate the delivery of cost-effective, technology-supported healthcare services in Rwanda and the surrounding region. The CEBE will operate in an innovation, consultancy, and service ecosystem to achieve high-impact results in support of several key health sector initiatives including medical equipment and devices, rehabilitation and mobility, and e-health services.

Design and conceptual development of the CEBE officially began in July 2015, following the official loan effectiveness declaration from the African Development Bank. The Vision of the Centre is “To build a critical mass of a qualified and transferable workforce to sustainably boost the Biomedical sector with competent technical support skills, innovation and R&D capabilities, while putting in place a conducive environment for the development of a vibrant and dynamic service industry.”

Read more about detailed process of scholarships for Masters, Mphil, PhD and Post doc training program for prospective students in biomedical engineering, rehabilitation sciences and e-health as planned in the CEBE.